About Us


NordTech Consulting & Trading Company is a group of highly successful Engineers, Professionals and businessmen. We have a considerable technical practice, beside our experience in facilitating business transactions and most importantly we have many years of specific local business knowledge and connections in the different levels of governments and business circles in a specific target markets. This knowledge translates into a genuine ability to deliver results.

The core concept of our business is mainly focus on two basic ideas:

  • Technology transfer:  Our idea is to promote the Swedish Environmental Technologies and services by offering a variety of trade services in different regions in the world.
  • Knowledge transfer: We organize training programs and workshops to increase the environmental awareness in Africa and the Middle East, by organizing such programs we mainly target the professionals & decision makers from these Developing Countries. We do this, by inviting experts and academics to present their research results and experiences through these activities also we bring interested companies to expose their knowledge and technologies on their products.