Molok Deep Collection Systems:

A new and efficient way to solve the collection of the waste that produced from your business, store, supermarket or even your home. A perfect solution for a new and modern cities, The Semi-ground containers are elegant equipment designed to process all type of waste (suw, industrial waste, paper, cardboard, etc.). We offer the original solid waste Semi-ground container MolokĀ®-Deep Collection Systems from the famous European suppliers, Molok Oy of Finland.


The features of MolokĀ®-Deep Collection smart containers as follows:

  • Preventing of the environment, because the waste is collected in containers under the ground, nor result in any unpleasant odours.
  • Reduce the large area that needed for the containers in the streets, thereby hindering traffic and cause some inconveniences to the shopkeepers.

Molok 1

55 bins with one Molok 5 m3

  • Maintaining the public health, and preventing damage caused by waste collection in the streets, which results in frequent flies, insects and stray animals.
  • Easy cleansing and washing process of the container more efficiently because of their small size of the part of the container over the ground.
  • And more:
    • Emptied with a crane just in 2 minutes. (see here)
    • Effective collection is possible even with a non-compacting truck.
    • High capacity
    • Longer emptying intervals
    • Fewer waste collections
    • Less waste collection expenses

The Main customer groups are:

  • Emptying companies
  • Municipalities
  • Customer service (campsites, marinas, restaurants, hotels etc.)
  • Housing associations
  • Waste management companies
  • Shopping malls
  • Gas stations & Road companies