The Public Pool Cleaners


Having a pool involves a certain number of constraints (pool cleaning, water treatment, etc.) Even if the water is purified using a filter and chemically treated, the pool still has to be cleaned at least twice a week during the high season.  Today there is a wide range of robot pool cleaners on the different markets,  that currently covers all available technologies, both electric and hydraulic. We are here to promote without doubt the most cleverly designed pool cleaners from Sweden.

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Industrial Underwater Cleaning Systems


Industry sector design and develop underwater cleaning equipment for tanks and reservoirs in industries, Our systems have been delivered and installed cleaners in nuclear power plants, glass factories, fish farms, gypsum plants, pulp and paper mills and several other applications where there is a need for cleaning (sludge removal) without having to drain the water.

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Solar Powered Purification System


SolarwaterpurificationThe Solar Water Purification System: consists of two main parts: Photovoltaic driven energy power station with 12V output and a water purification system.
The photovoltaic system also provides clean reliable electrical power for charging mobile phones, refrigerators, radio, TV, electrical light etc.
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