The Public Pool Sector

Maintaining good water quality requires both effective water cleaning processes and effective underwater surface cleaning. Furthermore, effective surface cleaning means the amount of chlorine added to the water can be reduced. This contributes to a better environment for both employees and visitors. One of the many advantages includes a lower risk of allergic reactions Weda at several of the best public swimming facilities.

The most powerful and efficient cleaner on the market

Pool Cleaner B600

The B600 is delivered with a trolley with a built-in safety transformer that supplies safe 42 V to the cleaner. The B600 remains one of the largest and most efficient cleaner on the pool market. An excellent cleaner for the tough cleaning jobs. The strong suction enables the B600 also to be used for wall cleaning. The weight of the B600 is only 7 kilograms under water and in most pools the cleaner can be driven out of the pool and onto the trolley.

It can be used in fully automatic mode and/or controlled by remote control when required. The base of the cleaner is the very powerful pump in combination with the rotating brushes. After all it is the cleaning capacity that is the most important factor.

Pool Cleaner W50

Weda W50 is a compact cleaner with a high cleaning capacity with rotating brushes and a pump that delivers 600 liters per minute. It can be equipped with a discharge hose outlet for removal of all sedimentation independent of size.

The W50 comes in three versions:

  • W50 Standard for rectangular pools
  • W50 Super Auto which allows for programming of the cleaning pattern
  • W50R, a completely automatic cleaner which calculates its turns during operation

All three versions can also be controlled with the radio remote for access to hard-to reach areas. The new laser sensor design allows for fully automatic cleaning with no moving parts for the control functions .

Pool Cleaner W2000

The Weda 2000 is a very powerful cleaner for cleaning operations in mid-size to large pools or for pools and aquatic parks with large numbers of swimmers.

The strong suction of this cleaner allows for wall cleaning. The Timer function enables the operator to delay the start of the cleaner so that the sediment in the pool has had time to settle on the bottom.

The rotating brushes release the bottom sediment and moves it towards the suction hole under the bottom plate of the cleaner. The powerful pump pumps the water through the collecting filter bags or through a discharge hose to the main filters of the pool or to waste.


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