We proudly provide our customers with full service that include design, equipment manufacturing, and the delivery of the closed containers that suitable for collecting mixed types of waste. Together with our partners in the field of the environment and firmly consider the EU standards in all our solutions, manufacturing, and development.


Closed Mixed waste Container

  • Fully covered platform is designed for garbage, cardboard, paper or other waste need to be kept covered. 
  •  Six sliding doors on the sides make it possible for better use of all the spaces, with 3 partition wall inside the platform that makes it possible to cast both corrugated and paper in the same platform without mixing materials. 
  •  Blue colour, fill level surveillance, transportation hooks in front/back, steering rails, filling control, custom made feed opening.
  • Doors with rubber gasket seals to avoid leakage
  •  6 “connection for cleaning / two drain valves on the side.
  •  Battery-powered lights inside flatbed / 3 pcs lamps / 240-volt charging.
  •  A special anti-bacteria’s transparent coating to prevent the unpleasant odours.

Front loader Container

  • Offered from 2 m3 to 6 m3.
  • With or without wheels in the bottom if you want to move it your self.
  • Can be ordered with gaps on the front and sides.
  • Offered in all RAL colors.
  • For special dimensions please call or email and we will solve it.