At NordTech Consulting we believe that effective waste solutions are one of those concepts that benefit everyone, therefore we do have some sustainable solutions, options that let us meet the current needs and provide for future generations as well. We are proudly work to support the society to have a sustainable municipal solid waste management:

Semi-Ground Container:

new and efficient way to solve the collection of the waste the produced from your business, store, supermarket or even your home. A perfect solution for a new and modern cities, The Semi-ground containers are elegant equipment designed to process all type of waste.We offer the original solid waste Semi-ground container Molok®-Deep Collection Systems from the famous European suppliers, Molok Oy of Finland. Read more here

SweDrop – Innovative filter, well-known materials

The disposable Swedrop storm water filter is the solution for attacking storm water pollution at the source. Rapid, simple and cost efficient.  Simply drop the Swedrop filter into the storm water drains. Typically, after 12 months, the filter is exchanged and the used filter is sent to incineration. All absorbed pollutants are thus removed from the environmental cycle and destructed or taken care of in a controlled manner. We use well-established ad/absorbents. Materials that have proven themselves practically as well as in scientific studies.

  • Polypropylene fibre, which is also used in oil booms and in cleaning process water from hydrocarbons.
  • Activated carbon is the most common adsorbent of polluting compounds in general. We use granules that optimize flow rate & exposed area.
  • Furnace slag, is an excellent adsorbent of heavy metals beside phosphorus and ammonium. Moreover, it forms a strong bond to the adsorbed substances. An important factor in the planning of the environmental cycle. Read more here


CitySolar is suitable for locations such as the city streets and parks, where a high collection capacity is required, but the compression of the waste is not necessary, or for the collection of sorted waste material, which does not need to be compressed. E.g. newspapers.

CitySolar is equipped with a solar-powered compression unit, which compresses the material collected in the inner container, and thus the collection capacity can be utilized effectively. The frequency of emptying can be reduced, on a number of cases, 5 to 10 fold.