The Solar Powered Water Purification System cleans water without any chemicals and is driven by a solar panel. It is environmentally safe and well proven. The system eliminates 99.99% of all bacterial contaminants, thus providing clean and safe drinking water. Here we present two different options for our customers:

SolarwaterpurificationThe Solar Water Purification System: consists of two main parts: Photovoltaic driven energy power station with 12V output and a water purification system. The photovoltaic system also provides clean reliable electrical power for charging mobile phones, refrigerators, radio, TV, electrical light etc.

The system is fully mobile and has the capacity to provide 5600 litres of clean water per day and 50 Ah. of electricity. It weighs 13 kgs. Dimensions are 560 x 600 x 140 mm.

BackPackerThe BackPack water purification system: This is a travel-friendly version of our solar powered water purification system.

The BackPacker weighs 12.5 kgs and is equipped with comfortable shoulder and padded hip supports so that it can be carried comfortably over long distances. The BackPack model comes with a foldable solar panel.

The system produces upto 300 litres per hour.

A user-friendly, lightweight, mobile and robust solar powered water purification system.

Video: Portable solar power water purification system by SolarWave

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