tiresWhen it comes to Tires Recycling, NordTech Consulting & Trading Company decided to cooperate with the most leading Scandinavian partners, to transfer a technology that makes a real difference, here below we discuss the negative impacts of the used tires problem and the proper technologies that we offer for solving the problem.

Every year around the world more than one billion -estimated 1.5 billion- tires discarded, such direct combustion or the landfilling of the used tires will cause a major environmental pollution.

According to some researches: Due to the durability of tires ,tires won’t be decomposed into soil even after 100 years. Such situation,leads to a legislation of the banning of tires from the landfills in the EU and other countries. and then to conclude that, Recycling of cars/trucks tires has been in demand for as long as tires have been manufactured. Here comes the role of NordTech and our selected partners companies to suggest the solution:

This can be done, for the sake of the Material Reuse, through different technologies such as FRP-203 model, a specific and advanced type of shredders machine.It used to produced shredded rubber that can be used as foundation for roads and railways, or as a draining material replacement for sand and gravels. The powdered rubber can also be used as flooring for playground and sport stadiums.


Or even a complete and advanced solution for the sake of the Energy Recovery. Series ETA of Ecomation is a complete solution, that uses a thermal reprocesses of the used tires to produce three different and valuable products: Oil is sold as a bunker fuel oil, or refined to a transportation grade fuel, Carbon Black that reinforces and tints rubber and plastic products for use in agricultural,construction, electronics, and industrial equipment applications and Steel of high quality. All the products can be used in amazing applications with no unusable by-products.


NordTech Consulting & Trading Company is proudly announce to our valuable customers that, our executives and engineers are ready to provide them with the above FRP-203 model of mechanical shredder machine and the complete system plant of Ecomation’s ETA Series. Please give us a call or send us an e-mail, and we will do the rest of the work.