Baler Presses

baller-thumbWe are proud to present new and effective member to our NordTech’s products.. There are thousands of users in different areas choose this products, and more than 15000 balers have now been delivered World-wide! There different types and sizes of the baller presses, where it can be used in: Supermarkets, shops, industries, muncipalities, hotels…
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Big Hanna Composter is the obvious choice for composting all your food waste on-site. Say no to transportation of food waste – make the sustainable choice instead reducing your carbon footprint. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or large because our machines can compost waste from 75 to 2400 kg/week to help you to reduce the cost.   Read more here


Semi-Ground Container

Molok_empty2.2 A new and efficient way to solve the collection of the waste the produced from your business, store, supermarket or even your home. A perfect solution for a new and modern cities, The Semi-ground containers are elegant equipment designed to process all type of waste.We offer the original solid waste Semi-ground container Molok®-Deep Collection Systems from the famous European suppliers, Molok Oy of Finland. Read more here

Elegant Litter Bins


Together with our very special Swedish partner (Nola company), we provide our customers with a wide range of litter bins for public spaces. This is a very high class Scandinavian design for all needs. Solitary bins or waste separation.

All the designs are Perfect and efficient, which suit a wide variety of settings & applications A popular choice for offices, shopping centres and schools, they meet the demands of the heavy pedestrian traffic routed through most public spaces.

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Closed Mixed Waste Containers for efficient use

We proudly provide our customers with full service that include design, equipment manufacturing, delivery of the closed containers that suitable for collecting mixed types of waste. Together with our partners in the field of the environment and firmly consider the EU standards in all our solutions, manufacturing, and development.

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Tires to Fuel

tiresWhen it comes to Tires Recycling, NordTech Consulting & Trading Company decided to cooperate with the most leading Scandinavian partners, to transfer a technology that makes a real difference.

Here we discuss the negative impacts of the used tires problem and the proper technologies that we offer for solving the problem.
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