Industrial Wastes:

The Industrial wastes are the liquid and solid wastes that are generated by manufacturing & processing units of various industries like chemical, petroleum, metal gas, sanitary etc.

Most industrial waste can be recycled, treated and discharged, or placed in a landfill, the good industrial waste management is important because it helps the environment, protects human health, and lets the business avoid liability by providing economic benefits.

NordTech together with our partners, work to offer products that are providing specialised industrial and hazardous waste solutions for manufacturers and industries.

Axon Environmental Filters & Absorbers

Oil separator  –  but better and lower cost


A unique product for cleaning water by removing oil and heavy metals through a simple technology, very cost efficiently. We use nature’s own way of cleaning water and removing pollutants. This technology can be used for many applications and in any environment and is easy to handle and maintain.




Axon Filter System can be used to clean process water, clean oil-spills by skimming off the surface or by pumping up ground water that has been contaminated, to prevent it from polluting drinking water. Axon Product list is here

AFX Absorber is a granular peat product that absorbs petroleum and adsorbs heavy metals. Read more

Both AFX Absorber and Axon Filters are quickly being adopted by organizations all over Europe, China, & North America. These new technologies are proven to save time and money in multiple ways while removing harmful contamination. Read more here



Oil Spill

We – NordTech Consulting & Trading Company- are proud to cooperate & represent Foilex Engineering AB, the Swedish world-leading company, in selected markets in the Middle East & North Africa region. Foilex Skimmer & Pump Systems have been delivered to oil companies, coast guards, port authorities, clean-up contractors and also as Oil Spill Response Products. Read more here