1- REPEAT Litter Bin, design Björn Dahlström


Repeat is a spacious litterbin with the capacity to sort waste items for recycling. Made for both indoor and outdoor use, the opening for litter is placed discreetly in the side rather than in the front, enabling Repeat to always show its cleanest side. The front panel is simple and straightforward, painted in a single colour to create a sleek look. Repeat is made with three individual containers, each sized to hold 90 litres.

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2- FOGA Litter Bin, design Eva Herdin

fogaThe powder-coated steel Foga indoor litter bin is one of Sweden´s most popular trash receptacles. Its streamlined, modular expression gives it a unique versatility. Four individual modules can be grouped together to form a square, each positioned so that an opening faces each outer side. They can also be aligned side-by-side. Highly attractive and easily accessible.  Applications:  Ideal for any indoor environment such as hospitals, shopping centres, offices, old people´s home, schools and service flats.  Material: the product is made in steel sheet. The 80 – litter bin is equipped with wheels. The standard colour is light grey. Other colours available.  Read more

3- ELBIN Litter Bin, design Andreas Sture and Olle Anderson

elbinElbin’s bite-like opening resembles a hungry mouth to feed, making it easy to place rubbish directly inside. ‘It empties almost as easily; as the door unlocks and pivots open, the metal ring holding the rubbish bag slides outward so that it can be pulled free in one easy movement. ‘Elbin’ can be wall-mounted or installed to a base, and ordered in three different sizes with a range of base options to choose from. A version with an integrated ashtray is also available.

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4- REKTA Litter Bin, design Christina Jonsson

rekta   Rekta’s cubic shape is easy to position alongside walls, or in corners. The openings are sized to indicate the types of waste permitted and pre-sort them for recycling.  The litter bin may be ordered with perforated sides, which appear to break down its mass and give it a weightless character. Text or logos can be laser-cut into the metal panels shaping the litter bin’s back and sides. Inner rings hold the plastic liners in place, which can be easily replaced through a side door or the lid.

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5- FRAME Litter Bin, design Broberg & Ridderstråle

frameThe Frame litterbin is a striking design. Understated, yet chic, the litterbin’s sides taper inwards and upwards from the base, meeting the upper rim at the inner edge. The litterbin can be customised with logos and emblems laser-cut into the surface. Made with functionality in mind, the litterbin corresponds to the Frame planters. Together, they can bring contemporary style to any urban setting. Material: The litterbin is made in sheet steel treated with Oxsilan, a Cf-free liquid, and powder-coated in Noir 200 Sablé.               Measurements: Width:47 cm. Height: 93 cm. Dept: 47 cm. Volume: 110 l.

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6- DISKUS 2 Litter Bin, design Jerry Hellström

diskus-2The cylinder is one of the most basic shapes in design, widely used in architecture and interior products. Diskus 2 gives the cylinder new expression by perforating its sides in order to break down its mass. As a result, Diskus 2 has a weightless character that is well-suited to almost any type of interior. Made for indoor use only, this stylish litterbin is available in silver or blue, freestanding or attachable. It is a popular choice for entrances and exit points.

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7- PEANUT Litter Bin, design Jerry Hellström

peanutIn response to the demand for attractive, user-friendly indoor recycling bins, Jerry Hellström created a universal design known as the Peanut bin. The litterbin is lightweight with separate compartments for cans and paper waste. The round, square and triangular openings are clear indicators of where each should be placed, eliminating the need for signage. The containers are fitted with bag holders held in place by steel parts, making it easy to empty them and re-line them afterwards. https://nola.se/en/products/peanut-2/

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8- BLANKA Litter Bin, Blenda design


The sleek shape of this contemporary litterbin disguises its spacious proportions. Made with an inner container that pulls outward to empty, removing litter and replacing the plastic bag couldn’t be easier. Blanka is the perfect complement to areas where the Blenda bollard and bicycle stand have been installed, as both products were created by the same designers.

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9- HINKEN Litter Bin, design Thomas Bernstrand

hinkenHinken litterbin made in plastic-fibre is spacious, yet simple. The smooth contours and gleaming surfaces of this sleek design makes it a perfect complement to contemporary spaces. The Recycle Bin is adapted for example cans, paper and glass. The litterbin is made in standard colours White or Anthracite gray. Also available in a smaller version, Hinken 40, and as a planter.

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10- STRIKT Litter Bin, design Leena Landgren

striktTaking the cylinder as the starting point, the designer transformed it into this sleek litter bin for indoor use. Strikt is crafted in proportions that remain true to a cylindrical shape, while cleverly concealing the lid and liner inside. Free of  embellishments and decorative elements, Strikt’s streamlined shape speaks volumes about minimalist design.

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