Baler Presses

There are thousands of users in different areas choose this products, and more than 15000 balers have now been delivered World-wide!

There are different types and sizes of the baler presses, to fit the needs of different customers: Supermarkets, shops, industries, municipalities, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, airports, banks, oil platforms, etc..



  • Compacts paper and cardboard, plastic foil, crates etc. into pale.
  • High compaction pressure and generous feed opening on a minimum of flour space.
  • NP40 II is quiet, fast,easy to work and is not more than 1.79 m high!
  • Handle with hand truck for easy relocation, very good in tight spaces.
  • Has built with the same control and security that the big machines. More information




  • It is a new version of NP60.
  • NP60-II is quiet, fast, and is not more than 1.85 m high!
  • Has about 50% more capacity than the NP 40-11.
  • Can easily be positioned / re-positioned with a hand truck.
  • Materials that can be pressed is: cardboard, paper, cardboard, plastic, etc. More information





  • NP-80 II is a new version of our best seller NP-80
  • Compacts paper and cardboard, plastic foil, crates etc. into pale.
  • High compaction pressure and generous feed opening on a minimum of flour space.
  • NP80 has an overall height of 1.99 m and a large insertion slot.
  • Convenient operating height.  More information





  • Very reliable, proven long-lasting performance, even outdoors.
  • NP100-11 is more capacity in less floor space, it has an overall height of 2.07 m
  • NP 100-II is more convenient than ever, even quieter and more powerful.
  • Our biggest baler real capacity for both corrugated and plastic.
  • All balers holds an ISO 9002 Certificate.   More information




  • A combined baler and food waste compactor.
  • NP30S is designed for regular compaction of wet waste & moist/mixed material in a plastic bag.
  • If there is a need once in a while for regular cardboard/plastic compaction,NP30S can do it.
  • Capacity that varies between 35 kg and 80 kg
  • The waste is compacted up to 95% of its original volume.
  •  NP30S is easy to operate,works quality, it is fast & safe.
  • More information




For compacting mixed soft waste in a special 400 litres waste bin, rolled in on wheels.
Open the door to load the waste material into the roller bin, close the door and the waste is compacted automatically.

  • Perfect for waste from fast-food restaurants.
  • It is easy and safe to work with – fast, efficient and silent-running.
  • The NP4W with one waste bin replaces up to 4 x ordinary 660 litres waste bins.  More information


NP10 Manual Press for plastic foil

  • The long stroke of the press ram makes a compact bale & simplifies the feeding of material.
  • The press ram is automatically locked in its down position, keeping waste under pressure.
  • Easily handled due to the weight (10-25 kgs, depending on material)  More information



Bag Packer BP240

  • The smart way of collecting bulky material
  • BP240 is intended for collection of soft plastics – fast and simple.
  • Easy to place near the source and Simple to use.
  • A combination of several BP240 stands and a baler is a very effective solution.
  • Made in Sweden by Swedish steel. More information





Strapping Bale Band

For all the balers and the manual press, we recommend to use strapping bands with width 13 mm, length 250 m, thickness 0,66-0,70 mm, breaking strength 380 kp. They are easy to handle and gentle on the goods because there are no sharp edges. They are water resistant which prevents them from getting rusty, rotten or mouldy. Also resistant to oxidation and most chemicals and acid.
You are so welcome to order it from us, with a very competitive price!



A sustainable solution for economy and environment


A baler that easy to use effectively..